$30 Per Month | All Maintenance Covered | Free Model Upgrade | Free Shipping | Smartphone App Linked 

Your $30 subscription includes

  • Free Maintenance

    We cover all mechanical issues, battery issues and parts replacements. No stress subscription. 

  • Free Upgrade

    We will upgrade you to a new scooter every 2 years. Scooter as a service!

  • A Smart App

    Digitally lock your scooter so you can park it outside and lend it to friends using our smartphone app.

Buy Monthly Lease To An Electric Scooter



Does anyone else get to use my scooter?

No, your scooter is yours only. You can park it outside, lock it using our app, and be confident that only you will be able to unlock it. You can however lend it to friends by using an option in the app. 

What type of electric scooter do I get?

The Xiomi Electric Scooter (pictured above, the type Bird uses) or similar. It has 18.6 miles of battery life, top speed of 15.5 mph, a beautiful folding design and double breaking system for safety. 

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, but we will charge you for the smarts we put on the scooter (that allow for locking of the scooter, smartphone connection and location awareness). This amounts to about $50.